100pc. Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Pops

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  • Our bride and groom cake pops are a customer favorite! Rings are not included.

    Each cake pop is wrapped separately in a free-standing bag. If you would like these packages two per bag (so one couple per bag) simply let us know!

    When you place your order you may choose half brides and grooms, all brides, or all grooms. 

    FLAVORS (two flavors per order for bulk rate) 

    Classic White Cake

    Triple Chocolate 

    Cookie Dough

    Red Velvet 




  • Storage:
    We suggest having your order arrive as close to your event date as possible. If you are ordering in advance, freeze then thaw-and-serve the day of the event (leave wrapped when thawing).
    Shelf-life at room temperature:
    Cake pops 2-4 days
    Brownie pops 5-7 days
    Pretzels & Rice Krispie Treats 2-4 weeks