12 Brownie Bites Gift

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  • Our hand-dipped brownie bites are a fun to treat to give or get! 

    6 brownie bites dipped in white chocolate and 6 dipped in chocolate.

    Shipped in a box with a hand tied ribbon. 

    Each brownie bite is approx. 1.75" wide by 1" tall and has a 6" paper stick.

    Choose your delivery date and we'll create your order and ship in time! 


  • Storage:
    We suggest having your order arrive as close to your event date as possible. If you are ordering in advance, freeze then thaw-and-serve the day of the event (leave wrapped when thawing).
    Shelf-life at room temperature:
    Cake pops 2-4 days
    Brownie pops 5-7 days
    Pretzels & Rice Krispie Treats 2-4 weeks

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