24pc. Cake Pops - Monogrammed

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  • Cake pops are a party favorite!

    CHOOSE the COLORS (see photos for examples)
    Fill in the "
    Customize This Item" box above with your color choice(s) and monogram (1-3 letters or numbers.

    If you have a photo or invitation you would like us to use for inspiration, please email it to:
    art @ raleighcakepops.com

    We do not accept orders for characters or custom shaped cake pops.

    CHOOSE the FLAVORS (up to 2 flavors) 

    • BIRTHDAY CAKE classic white cake rolled with vanilla buttercream
    • COOKIE DOUGH white cake rolled with buttercream, brown sugar and mini chocolate chips
    • S'MORES marble cake rolled with buttercream, graham cracker crumbs, dehydrated marshmallows, AND mini chocolate chips 
    • CLASSIC CHOCOLATE chocolate cake rolled with buttercream, and mini chocolate chips 
    • STRAWBERRY LEMONADE a combo of strawberry and lemon cake rolled with buttercream
    • RED VELVET red velvet cake rolled with vanilla butter cream
    • OREO chocolate cake rolled with OREOS and vanilla buttercream

    Please enter the date you would like your product to arrive in the "Delivery Date" box above. We will contact you if we are unable to meet that exact date. All custom products are created and shipped fresh.

    You may choose any future date through December 2017.


    + All cake pops are individually wrapped.

  • Storage:
    We suggest having your order arrive as close to your event date as possible. If you are ordering in advance, freeze then thaw-and-serve the day of the event (leave wrapped when thawing).
    Shelf-life at room temperature:
    Cake pops 2-4 days
    Brownie pops 5-7 days
    Pretzels & Rice Krispie Treats 2-4 weeks

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