FLASH SALE Birthday Cake Pops!

Say Happy Birthday with our adorable birthday pops!

Each cake truffle comes complete with a candle. No need to light the candle since we've lit it up with glitter!


+ 12 per order (6 birthday cake and 6 chocolate)

+ Choose your delivery date

+ Choose your packaging!

+ Enjoy right away or freeze for later (freezing requires the pops to be individually wrapped)

+ During warm weather we ship all orders in an insulated shipper with ice packs.


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  • Storage:
    We suggest having your order arrive as close to your event date as possible. If you are ordering in advance, freeze then thaw-and-serve the day of the event (leave wrapped when thawing).
    Shelf-life at room temperature:
    Cake pops 5-7 days
    Brownie pops 5-7 days
    Pretzels Treats 5-7 days

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