FLASH SALE! Classic Cake Pops

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    Check out our new stock flavors! Perfect for any occasion!

    • Cookies and Cream
    • Cookie Dough
    • Chocolate
    • Birthday Cake
    • Maple Fudge
    • Mint Chocolate Chip
    • Lemonade
    • Sweet Strawberry

    This item cannot be customized.

    Buy 10 or 1000, no limits! While supplies last.

    During warm weather we ship all orders in an insulated shipper with ice packs. All cake pops are individually wrapped in a clear bag with a metallic twist tie.

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  • Storage:
    We suggest having your order arrive as close to your event date as possible. If you are ordering in advance, freeze then thaw-and-serve the day of the event (leave wrapped when thawing).
    Shelf-life at room temperature:
    Cake pops 5-7 days
    Brownie pops 5-7 days
    Pretzels Treats 5-7 days